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AISI 1026 steel pipe:popular choice for hydraulic cylinders... View More>>
What is Vertical Hydraulic Lift, a type of lifting equipment that uses hydraulic mechanisms to raise and lower loads vertically. For ​Examples:Freight elevators, Scissor lifts, Aerial work platforms, Dock lifts... View More>>
XUDSTEEL PIPE is a cost-effective material for hydraulic cylinders, making it an attractive option for many applications.It's important to note that the selection of steel material for hydraulic cylinder barrels depends on the specific application and ope... View More>>
hydraulic cylinders can be mainly divided into four types by structure classfication: Piston rod cylinder,Plunger cylinder,Telescopic cylinder,and Hydraulic swing cylinder. Hydraulic actuating cylinder has a simple structure and reliable operation. hydr... View More>>
Hydraulic Cylinder is widely used in various mechanical hydraulic systems.attention should be paid to the fault diagnosis and maintenance of hydraulic cylinders. Below are several common solutions to hydraulic cylinder failures.... View More>>
Hydraulic cylinder is the key component of hydraulic system of the mechanical equipment. Hydraulic cylinder performance affects the hydraulic system or even the whole machine, so it is of great importance to carry out testing and fault diagnosis of hydrau... View More>>
CK45 steel piston rod / chrome plated rod or bar is widely used in various industries. XUD STEEL can produce customized cylinder piston rod, cylinder chrome bar, printing and dyeing machinery chrome rod and various mechanical chrome bars according to cust... View More>>
DIN 2391 precision seamless tubes mainly used in applications — Hydraulic & pneumatic cylinder, Mechanical and Automotive engineering.After cold drawn or cold rolled process, these tubes possess a smooth surface, more accurate sizes, have a long service l... View More>>
Cold Drawn Seamless Tube (CDS) is made by cold drawing process,it has higher physical properties, a better uniformed OD and ID, enhanced mechanical properties, increased strength, and tighter tolerances compared to hot finish seamless products.... View More>>
27SiMn seamless alloy steel tubes, high strength and wear resistance, high hardenability, medium cold deformation, good machinability, well welding performance, 27SiMn seamless alloy steel tubes are mostly used in the quenched and tempered status. It can ... View More>>
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