CK45 chrome plated bar for hydraulic cylinder purpose

The linear optical axis, simply speaking, is a kind of shaft (LM Shaft), a device that can move in a straight line, and has the guiding function of a sliding bearing.

The types of linear optical axis mainly include: ordinary linear optical axis, chrome plated linear optical axis, stainless linear optical axis and chrome plated hollow bars. The surface hardness requirements of ordinary linear optical axis are very high, so the requirements for materials and heat treatment process are also very high. Chrome Plated Bar is coated with a layer of hard chromium on the surface of ordinary linear optical axis, so it can be used in bad environment because it has certain rust prevention ability. Stainless linear optical axis is mainly characterized by good corrosion resistance and wear resistance. In addition, it has high strength, so that it has efficient operation performance. Chrome plated hollow shaft is hollow, so it is called chrome plated hollow piston rod. It can greatly reduce the weight and simplify the structure. Its interior is hollow, so it can be threaded into measuring wires, or injected with compressed air. It can also be used for robot arms. The linear optical axis is more and more widely used, especially in the linear motion system.


In linear motion devices, the optical axis is called the piston rod. Piston rod is mainly used as piston rod for hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders, engineering machinery and automobile manufacturing, guide column of plastic machinery, roller shaft of packaging machinery and printing machinery, axis of textile machinery and conveying machinery, and linear optical axis for linear motion.

High frequency quenching piston rod, which is also a kind of piston rod, there is a high-frequency quenching treatment on the basis of ordinary piston rod to meet the corresponding requirements, it is also called high-frequency quenching steel bar. After high-frequency quenching and mirror polishing, the hardness of the steel bar can reach HRC58-62. Compared with the ordinary piston rod, chrome plated bars(chrome plated piston rod) has greatly improved wear resistance and corrosion resistance. High frequency quenched piston rod can be made of bearing steel material, CK45, 40Cr and stainless steel, with the following advantages:

(1) No overall heating is required, so the deformation of the workpiece is small and the consumption of electric energy is small.

(2) The heating speed can be very fast, the surface hardening layer can be adjusted according to the actual needs, and it is easy to control.

(3) The operation process is easy to realize automation and mechanization, so as to effectively improve production efficiency.

(4) Its hardness, strength and toughness are very good, and the fatigue fracture resistance of the finished product is also very good.



CK45 steel piston rod / chrome plated rod is widely used in various industries. XUD STEEL can produce customized cylinder piston rod, cylinder chrome bar, printing and dyeing machinery chrome rod and various mechanical chrome bars according to customer requirements. The SAE1045 piston rod produced by XUD STEEL is made of high-quality ck45 steel material, treated by special grinding and hard chromium plating technology, and then polished by mirror surface. The chrome plated bar has the characteristics of abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance. The CK45 Chrome bar is suitable for various air cylinders, oil cylinders, piston rods, packaging, woodworking, textiles, printing and dyeing machinery, die casting machines, injection molding machines, and guide rods and ejector rods for other machinery.


Material: CK45, sae1045, 4140, 4340, jis45c, 20mnv6, 42CrMo

Outer diameter tolerance: f7-f8 (other tolerances can be customized)

Surface roughness: ra0.2~0.4um

Hard chromium thickness: 0.015-0.025mm; 20 micron /-10%

Surface hardness: hv700-1150

Straightness: 0.05-0.10m/m

Standard length: 1-6m

Note: select the chromium plating thickness according to different applications:

air pressure =0.02mm, oil pressure =0.02mm above


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