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  • Precision Seamless Tubes
Precision Seamless Tubes

Precision Seamless Tubes

Precision Seamless Tubes

Cold Drawn or Cold-Rolled Precision Seamless Steel Tubes (GB3639-2000)

It is used for high dimensional accuracy and good surface finish for precision mechanical structures and hydraulic equipment. Selecting precision seamless tubes to manufacture mechanical structure or hydraulic equipment can greatly save machining hours, improve material utilization and improve product quality.

Hydraulic steel pipes (Seamless Tubes for Hydraulic and Pneumatic Cylinders use)

It is a kind of Precision ID Seamless Steel Tubes(GB8713-88), which is also called Seamless Cold Drawn Tubes for manufacturing Hydraulic and Pneumatic Power Systems with precision inside diameter.  

Honing Tubes

Its production process is, Seamless steel pipes first go through pickling, cold rolling mills, and then are honed in the inner holes by honing machines. After honing, get more precision inner hole diameter. It is one kind of hydraulic steel pipes with more precise inner diameter. The precision of honing pipes is extremely high, which can be controlled within 0.02-0.05MM generally or as required according to international standards. Its China standard is GB3639, and the internal surface roughness is Ra 0.2 ~0.8 μ m. Straightness of hydraulic honing steel tubes is 0.3~1.5mm/m. It is widely used as cylinder barrel in hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders.

Precision Bright Surface Seamless Steel Pipe

Its surface is bright, with high metallic luster. Precision bright seamless steel pipe is a kind of tubes with high precision dimensions,which is got by fine cold-drawn or cold rolled treatment. In automobile and mechanical industries, many machining users would like to choose precision seamless steel tubes for its dimension high precision and good surface roughness, which could help to save materials and working hours. Its dimensional tolerance can be kept within the range of 0.02-0.08mm. At the same time, the precision bright seamless steel pipe has a series of advantages, such as no oxide layer on the inner and outer walls, no leakage under high pressure, no deformation in cold bending, no crack in flaring and flattening, etc., which makes it mainly used to produce components for pneumatic or hydraulic cylinders.

DIN/EN Series Precision Seamless Steel Tubes

DIN2391 Cold Drawn or Cold Rolled Seamless Precision Steel Tubes
It is precision tubes mainly used for hydraulic system and automobiles. The popular steel materials are ST35, ST45, ST52, etc. It can meet the requirements of customers who have a high demand for dimension tolerance, surface roughness, tensile strength and mechanical performance on seamless steel pipes.

EN 10305 Seamless Cold Drawn Tubes for Precision Applications
EN 10305-1 Steel Tubes For Precision Applications-1: Seamless Cold Drawn Tubes
EN 10305-4 Steel Tubes for precision Applications-4: Seamless Cold Drawn Tubes for Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems
The precision cold drawn seamless steel pipes produced according to the standard E10305 are mainly made of E215, E235, E255 and E355.

Main Production Executive Standards

GB/T3639, DIN2391, GB 8713, DIN2445, EN10305, DIN1630, DIN1629, ASTM A106,
ASTM A179, JIS G3445

Poular Steel Materials

10#, 20#, 35#, 45#, 40Cr, 25Mn, 27SiMn, St35(E235), ST37, St45(E255), St52(E355)

Delivery Status/Conditions

NBK(+N), GBK(+A), BK(+C), BKW(+LC), BKS(+SR)

Features and Application Fields

No oxide layer on inner and outer walls
High pressure, no leakage
High precision dimension, good finish surface
Cold bending without deformation
Flaring and flattening without cracks
Anti-rust treatment on Surface
Good straightness
Inspection 100% before delivery
Widely used in hydraulic system, precision machinery manufacturing, hydraulic equipment, automotive industry, metal processing and other industries.

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