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  • Galvanized Steel Round Tubing
Galvanized Steel Round Tubing

Galvanized Steel Round Tubing

Galvanized Steel Round Tubing

Galvanization, by applying a zinc coating, safeguards your tubing against early rust and corrosion. Thanks to this shield, galvanized round tubing boasts an extended lifespan while demanding minimal maintenance. 

Here are some polupar sizes for galvanized round tubing, in case you can't find your required sizes, please contact us to get more Dimensions not shown below.

1/2" OD Galvanized Round Tube

3/4" OD Galvanized Round Tube

1" OD Galvanized Round Tube

1-1/4" OD Galvanized Round Tube

1-1/2" OD Galvanized Round Tube

2" OD Galvanized Round Tube

2-1/2" OD Galvanized Round Tube

3" OD Galvanized Round Tube

3-1/2" OD Galvanized Round Tube

4" OD Galvanized Round Tube 

5" OD Galvanized Round Tube

6" OD Galvanized Round Tube

8" OD Galvanized Round Tube

10" OD Galvanized Round Tube

galvanized round tubing steel pipe
To cater to your requirements more effectively, we maintain a diverse stock of galvanized steel tubing, encompassing a wide range of sizes, including those that are rare or specialized. We understand the complexities of matching your distinct specifications and are committed to sourcing the ideal galvanized steel round tubing for your particular needs, regardless of size. Should you not locate the precise galvanized round tubing you seek, please reach out to us at 0086-18763968079. We're equipped to locate it on your behalf and swiftly dispatch the material for your convenience.


Advantages of Galvanized Round Tubing


The galvanization process renders our round tubing impervious to the ravages of rust and corrosion. While steel succumbs to rust over time due to exposure to moisture, the zinc coating on our tubing significantly retards this corrosion, ensuring an extended lifespan for your tubing.

Moreover, galvanized round tubing boasts an array of benefits:


 Cost Efficiency: It stands as a more economical choice compared to stainless steel alternatives.

 Long-Term Economies: Not only cost-effective upfront but also boasts the lowest long-term expenses.

 Dependable Performance: Ensures consistent and reliable performance over time.

 Exceptional Resistance: Exhibits remarkable resilience against mechanical damage, ensuring durability in various conditions.

 Invest in galvanized round tubing for a cost-effective, enduring solution that delivers reliability and exceptional performance, safeguarding against corrosion while offering unbeatable value. 

Value-Added Services for Galvanized Round Tubing

In addition to our large inventory of galvanized steel round tubing, we also offer a variety of further services to better meet your needs.
We provide:

· High precision cutting services

· Saw cutting services

· Hole punching services

· Bending services

· And more

Contact XUDSTEEL Tubes for Galvanized Steel Round Tubing Today

With the largest, most diverse inventory of steel pipe and tubing in North China, we provide tubing solutions for all of your application needs, no matter how big or small the project. To learn more about our galvanized round tubing, contact us today, or request a quote.

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