Elevator Exhibition INTERLIFT is being held in Augsburg, Germany 26th - 29th APRIL, 2022

Elevator Exhibition INTERLIFT is being held in Augsburg International Convention and Exhibition Center, Germany 26th - 29th APRIL

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2022 Germany Elevator Exhibition INTERLIFT is organized by German AFAG. The holding cycle is once every two years. The venue of the exhibition is 204 Treasure International Convention and Exhibition Center in Germany.The exhibition area reached 44000 square meters.The number of exhibitors reached 20000.The number of exhibitors reached 574.

Germany international elevator parts exhibition was founded in 1991.It has been held for 14 consecutive sessions.German Elevator Exhibition is a world-class professional exhibition for elevator machinery manufacturing and parts technology. INTERLIFT exhibition is one of the largest and most influential exhibitions in the global elevator industry.It provides a platform for global elevator enterprises to display products, exchange experience, trade negotiation and market development.At the same time, it has also played a good role in promoting Chinas elevator enterprises to further integrate into the European market.

The main scope of exhibits in this elevator exhibition:

Elevator products: Hydraulic elevator, small elevator, escalator, moving sidewalk, inclined elevator, wheelchair elevator and other special elevators.

Elevator parts: Elevator control system, tractor, oil pressure system, Power failure, lighting system, power cable, Escalator control system, Auxiliary brake, step handrail, wheelchair elevator control system.

Elevator accessories: Elevator button device, decoration device, picture color device, camera, automatic control device, lighting machine.

Parking machine: Mechanical parking equipment.Parking control device.

New technology products: Solar elevator, magnetic levitation elevator

In the machinery manufacturing industry, hydraulic transmission has become an indispensable technology, which is widely used in all kinds of mechanical machine tools and equipment and plays a very important role.Hydraulic cylinder is the most important actuator in hydraulic system. It converts hydraulic energy into mechanical energy to realize linear reciprocating motion.The hydraulic cylinder has the advantages of simple structure, flexible configuration and convenient use and maintenance, so it is more widely used than hydraulic motor and other executive components.From the perspective of application, there are many more opportunities to design hydraulic cylinders than other hydraulic components.The design of hydraulic cylinder must meet the requirements of various machines and be designed according to the actual situation.To do a good job in hydraulic cylinder design, we must first have a full understanding of the structural characteristics of various forms of hydraulic cylinders.

When designing elevators, hydraulic elevator enterprises should consider their comfort in addition to quality.The speed change of hydraulic elevator must be continuous without sudden change of speed.Ordinary telescopic hydraulic cylinder can not be directly applied, so the structure must be improved to realize the plunger rods at all levels start and stop moving at the same time, and the relative velocity is equal.Multistage synchronous telescopic hydraulic cylinder is developed to meet the needs of hydraulic elevator.

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